Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Mesoteliooma is a rare cancer that attacks the body of mesothelial cells around the body. The Mesothelium provides a protective coating for membranous internal organs and allow agencies to spend (that is the heart and lungs) glides easily against adjacent structures. The names of the three regions of mesothelial cells, which provide a protective coating are as follows: 1) the pleura, the sac that surrounds the lungs, 2) peritoneum, the lining, which protects the abdominal cavity, and 3) pericardium, sac surrounding the heart. Three different types of cancer mesothelioma in an attack on three different regions.

Pleural Mesothelioma: A type of lung cancer, which attacks the pleura surrounding the lungs, is the most common type of mesothelioma, which affects about two-thirds of all mesothelioma patients. Symptoms include horseness, fever, blood, sputum, swollen arms and face, coughing, weight loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, chest pain, weak muscles, and reduces the tuntoherkkyys.

Peritoneaalidialyysi mesothelioma cancer of the abdomen, which attacks the peritoneum lining the abdominal cavity. It affects about one third of all mesothelioma patients. Symptoms include abdominal bloating, impaired the function of a bowl, fever, swollen feet and nausea.

Perikardiaalinesteestä mesothelioma: This form of mesothelioma, which attacks the pericardium around the heart is very rare. Symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing, and palpitations.

Mesoteliooma has been linked to exposure to asbestos. Asbestos is a type of construction material is used in thermal insulation products and tiles. When the USA, the use of asbestos peaked during the period 1950 - 1970. At one point during the years 1960, concerns about the health consequences of exposure to asbestos have begun to emerge, thus reducing the asbestos manufactured in the next two decades. In 1980, a new industry of asbestos reduction began to flourish. But, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than 733000 schools and public buildings containing asbestos.
Small asbestos fibres, which arrive at the air does not evaporate, and can remain airborne for a long time. These fibers, when injected into the body, are toxic. There are three types of exposure to asbestos.

Occupational exposure to asbestos: People working in factories, that the manufacturer of asbestos are likely to have a high level of exposure to asbestos, and they are most at risk of developing the asbestosis and mesothelioma.

For exposure to asbestos Occupation: Family members and workers are exposed to asbestos in the workplace are sensitive to exposure to asbestos dust has made the employee on his clothes or skin.

Exposure to asbestos Neighborhood: These living near asbestos is a manufacturing plant are also at risk.

Mesoteliooma is still relatively rare form of cancer. It is estimated 2000 - 3000 new cases per year in the USA. About 7-13 million dollars a man in patients with a history of asbestos exposure contract mesothelioma. The diagnosis is usually 20-40 years after the first exposure to asbestos.
Friday, July 18, 2008
Cancer is a major killer diseases today. It does not choose its victims. Men and women, young and old die of cancer. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that affects the Mesothelium, especially Pleura (membrane surrounding the lungs) and peritoneum (membrane around the abdomen). Both pleural mesothelioma and peritoneal mesothelioma are mainly caused by inhalation or exposure to asbestos, a mineral fiber-combustible impure magnesium silicate used in various industrial products. About 30 to 50 per cent of total cancer patients mesothelioma has not been exposed to asbestos, but they have acquired the disease. Cancer specialists continue to study this rare type of cancer, in order to provide the public with clear and precise as regards the information to his cause, nature and healing.

Like many other forms of cancer, mesothelioma has different stages. The first stage is still curable since only a layer of the pleura is affected. Surgery is the first option for patients with stage I mesothelioma. The doctor removes the part of the lining of the lungs or chest (in case of pleural mesothelioma) and the wall of the abdomen (in the case of peritoneal mesothelioma). In Phase II mesothelioma, surgery may still be executed even if some lymph May have already been infected with malignant mesothelioma cancer cells. The diaphragm May also be suppressed, in serious cases, the patient has mesothelioma to sacrifice one of his lungs.

Usually, surgery comes with systemic therapies, including radiation and chemotherapy. With radiotherapy, mesothelioma cancer cells are killed, but only cells in the treated area die. High-energy rays used in radiation therapy or radiotherapy May, or come from an external machine or thin plastic tubes placed in the tissues where mesothelioma stricken by cancer cells are located. Inside the plastic tubes are emitting radiation materials that kill malignant cells. Using an external machine is called external beam radiation, while the other is called internal radiation therapy. Also, a radioactive substance, such as radio labeled monoclonal antibody is distributed in the body during radiotherapy.

Chemotherapy is the use of anticancer drugs to kill malignant cells. In the treatment of mesothelioma, the fight against cancer drugs are generally administered to the patient by intravenous injection (in the vein). Oncologists are still studying the possibility of dealing with mesothelioma intracavitary chemotherapy (in the chest or the abdomen). Mesothelioma Some patients also undergo photodynamic therapy, a kind of cancer therapy that combines the use of drugs (photosensitize) with a specific type of light. The photosensitizing agent when exposed to light produce oxygen nearby that destroys malignant cancer cells. The drug is injected into the bloodstream and is absorbed by the cells.

To relieve symptoms of mesothelioma such as pain in the chest or the abdomen due to the accumulation of fluid, a doctor drains the fluid through a needle. The procedure is known as thoracentesis (removal of fluid in the chest) or paracentesis (removal of fluid in the abdomen). To avoid the accumulation of liquid lubrication in the membranes of the chest or the abdomen, drugs are given through a tube in the body reached.

Although these treatments mesothelioma have been proven effective, chance of recovery and survival still depends on the size or extent of the cancer. The odds are higher when mesothelioma is still in its infancy. The surgery is only desirable that until the second phase of cancer mesothelioma only one part or smaller portions membranes are affected. A patient diagnosed with stage IV mesothelioma (diffuse mesothelioma) has only about 4-24 months to live. In addition, patient's age and his overall health is also crucial to his recovery. Elderly patients do not respond well to certain treatments against cancer as surgery because their tissues, organs and other body parts are more delicate.
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Since the late 1800's asbestos was removed and used for commercial purposes. The use of asbestos have increased significantly during the Second World War and since the beginning of 1940 million Americans exposed to asbestos dust working in areas where risks were unknown at the outset. There is widespread exposure to asbestos by workers in shipyards, mines and mills, producers of products containing asbestos, workers in the heating and construction, trade and other people and an increased risk of developing mesothelioma is the result. .

Today, the U. S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets limits for acceptable levels of exposure to asbestos at work. However, the British government of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) said formally that any threshold for mesothelioma must be at a very low level and it is widely agreed that if such a threshold does exist, it can not currently be quantified. For practical reasons, HSE not to assume that this threshold exists. People who work with asbestos wear personal protective equipment to reduce their risk exposure.

The risk of asbestos-related disease increases with greater exposure to asbestos and longer exposure time. There are also people with only brief exposures have developed mesothelioma. On the other hand, not all workers who are heavily exposed develop asbestos-related diseases. Family members and others living with asbestos workers have an increased risk of developing mesothelioma, and possibly other asbestos-related diseases. This risk can arise from exposure to asbestos dust came on clothing and hair of asbestos workers.

For the occasion of exposure to asbestos fibres family, asbestos workers are usually required to shower and change their clothes before leaving the workplace.

The combination of smoking and asbestos exposure significantly increases a person's risk of developing cancer of the air passages in the lungs. The Kent brand of cigarettes used asbestos in the filters for the first years of production in the years 1950 and some cases of mesothelioma have resulted. Smoking cigarettes does not seem today to increase the risk of mesothelioma.

There is no cure. Close monitoring (routine X-rays or even pleural biopsy) for mesothelioma is loaded. Home Oxygen is often necessary to relieve shortness of breath. A maintenance treatment of symptoms with respiratory secretions treatments to remove the lungs by postural drainage, chest percussion and vibration. Drug aerosol to clarify the separation May be prescribed
Monday, July 14, 2008
It is important information, you should be aware of if you intend to pursue a mesothelioma Suit law. Before pursuing a law mesothelioma Suit you should seek advice from a renowned mesothelioma law firm and gain an understanding of mesothelioma law.

A mesothelioma justice can be expensive, but it can also provide adequate compensation will cover your legal, medical and ongoing expenses related to your mesothelioma cancer.

Previously, there have been instances in which mesothelioma cancer patients have received thousands of dollars in compensation for their diagnosis of mesothelioma cancer because of exposure to asbestos, a substance related.

Currently, mesothelioma law is supported mesothelioma cancer patients, who have been exposed to asbestos a substance through their work environment and companies are required to compensate their present, employees or previous non - disclosure of risks associated with handling asbestos material.

Mesothelioma law operates on the principle that exposure to a substance related to asbestos without prior knowledge led to injury or even death of the victim mesothelioma.

In almost all cases, as indicated if injuries and deaths, the person with mesothelioma cancer had their life shortened considerably, because of this exposure to a substance related to asbestos.

Because of legal proceedings to make a mesothelioma to justice, any person who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and cancer suspect or know that they have been exposed to a substance related to asbestos in the past, Over their lives, should seek legal advice immediately.

Start your mesothelioma beginning to justice will ensure that you acquire adequate compensation in time to help you in your medical expenses and ongoing support and treatment.

To start a mesothelioma to justice, you must find an experienced prosecutor mesothelioma, or lawyer, who can usually be found at a reputable law firm mesothelioma.

It is important that you disclose all information surrounding your mesothelioma cancer, including your diagnosis and prognosis, mesothelioma your attorney or lawyer, because it will help them to form a solid mesothelioma law to adapt your case.

You should also try to provide your mesothelioma prosecutor, lawyer or details relating to the period during which your exposure took place, where you work at the time and no details as to whether you had prior knowledge of your exposure.

All information surrounding your mesothelioma cancer is important and will ensure that your mesothelioma prosecutor or lawyer, will be successful in your office mesothelioma law. So if you or someone you know, have been diagnosed with cancer mesothelioma, seek legal advice.
Saturday, July 12, 2008
Asbestos is a toxic chemical that was used directly or indirectly in hundreds of products worldwide. It is incorrect and inappropriate for human beings have excessive exposure to asbestos. This could result in malignant mesothelioma - a rare cancer that affects the lining of the lungs, abdomen or heart - and other diseases.

It is surprising to note that, asbestos has still not been completely banned in the USA, and Americans are still at risk of exposure to this dangerous fiber.

If you think you have been showing symptoms of mesothelioma (such as shortness of breath, pain in the chest or back region, a swelling of the abdomen, difficulty swallowing, coughing, fever, sweats, fatigue and loss weight.) It is important for you to consult your doctor immediately. There are several methods that are available for the treatment of victims of mesothelioma.

They are either direct methods or other methods. Some methods are direct-aggressive surgery and two Pallative, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and so Immunoagumentive Therapy (IAT), gene therapy, Intraoperative photodynamic therapy (IPT), and so are some of the commonly practiced alternative methods.

Also you can take the help of support groups, which are available to help patients deal with the challenges they face. A recent publication indicates that over 20% of Americans have participated in a certain type of self-help. There are basically two types of support groups that are available online-namely, support groups and community centre support groups.

If you've already been diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is important for you to have a positive state of mind and keep you well informed on the latest medical developments that have occurred relating to this area. Also as a victim of the asbestos industry you can have certain legal and social grievances. The following proposals can be considered if you are a victim of mesothelioma caused by negligence because of exposure to asbestos.

1. Legal aid and financial compensation
People who contract the disease must be absolutely sure that the cause for the same was exposure to asbestos, then take steps to get the right lawyer. Once the legal adviser has been retained the law will ensure that he or she is the compensation for the employer's negligence if any.

2. The claim of the asbestos industry
Mesothelioma victims are able to claim monetary compensation great the asbestos industry. These claims can go into the millions of dollars, depending on the rights and the cause of claims. A law firm specializes in cases of mesothelioma ensures that families of victims receive ample compensation.

3. The claim social security for persons with disabilities
The victims can claim social security disability after obtaining the advice of a lawyer who specializes in these cases.

4. The disability insurance
You are legally trained claim disability insurance if you have disability insurance is deprived of supply, within your life insurance policy or through your employer.

5. Worker's Compensation
It is a core responsibility of an employer to take care of its employees. Thus, even though the victim takes legal action against the asbestos industry, he or she may at the same time demand for workers compensation to be "handicapped" at work. A lawyer who has experience in the asbestos industry should handle this type of claim.

6. Health Insurance
A victim of mesothelioma may incur huge medical expenses due to the high cost of the type of treatment needed to treat this disease. If a victim has been admitted to hospital, he or she should talk to discharge Planner or others who can help hospice and hospital coverage. Laws cover medical treatment and measures can be taken Insurance Company health if they fail to provide adequate coverage. Again, it is imperative to ensure that the victim employs a good legal representative.
Friday, July 11, 2008
A rare form of cancer is known as mesothelioma, malignant tumour, the mesothelial tissue, lungs and abdomen after the inhalation of asbestos. Its rarity is one of the reasons why many people are not aware of any such deadly disease. In fact, many people are dying from mesothelioma undiagnosed. Although we now have more and more aware of the dangers of asbestos, health, but many have not heard of mesothelioma, and, therefore, did not understand the nature, cause, the signs and treatment. While some doctors are difficult to detect mesothelioma, because its symptoms are similar to those of other diseases such as lung cancer and pneumonia. In addition, it will take decades to a patient who were exposed to asbestos to develop mesothelioma - fifty years after the most.

Being oblivious of mesothelioma pose greater risks, since it prevents the diagnosis and treatment. A person who receives treatment have to know the different stages of the illness or the extent to which the disease. The possibility of mesothelioma and the type of treatment depends on the stage of the disease. There are basically two systems used for staging pleural mesothelioma (lung): Brigham and TNM system. These staging systems have also been used in other types of cancers, but the first is a commonly used. There is no way to determine the stage of cancer peritoneal mesothelioma (abdomen), so that the TNM system is in use.

There are three variables TNM system of the tumor, lymph nodes and metastases. In the first stage of mesothelioma, Phase I, the malignant mesothelioma cells start to grow and multiply a single layer, the pleura. The pleura is a membrane that surrounds the lungs and lines the wall, the ribcage. There are a number of cases in which the pericardium (membrane covering the heart) and the diaphragm cover have already taken effect. In this case, the cancer patient is still in a phase I of mesothelioma.

When the second phase, the two layers, the pleura have already been affected by mesothelioma. Take note, however, that at this stage of simply one part of the body is affected. As a general rule, pleura to produce only a little fluid lubricant, which is helping to expand and contracting the lungs. The excess fluid is absorbed by the blood and lymph vessels, there is such a balance between the quantity of liquid is produced and eliminated. During the second phase, mesothelioma, the liquid begins to develop between the film, lungs and the membrane, the chest wall, which leads to pleural effusion. Increase the volume of liquid product causes shortness of breath and chest pain. Other patients with cancer mesothelioma experience dry cough and persistent. Diagnosis of pleural effusion has given a chest X-ray.

Phase III mesothelioma means that the malignant cells have already spread to a chest, esophagus and lymph nodes is part of the chest. The patient may suffer a severe pain near the affected parties. When not dealt with immediately or when the mesothelioma patient does not respond well to drugs, the cancer may go on, a quarter point. The fourth stage of mesothelioma is a frightening, because at this stage, mesothelioma cells entered the bloodstream and other organs such as liver, bone and brain. The lymph nodes on the other side of the chest can also affect the mesothelioma stage IV.

Brigham staging system, on the other hand, to determine whether the mesothelioma can be removed surgically vai not, and whether the lymph nodes are affected or not. During Phase I of mesothelioma, the lymph nodes are not affected, and the patient can still recover from the surgery. During Phase II, the surgery can be performed, but some lymph nodes have already been infiltrated with the cancer cells. Phase III of the course, the heart and chest wall are already affected, so the cut is desirable. The lymph nodes at this stage, however, may or may not be affected. When the final phase, Phase IV, mesothelioma, cancer cells have already gone to the blood and other body parts such as heart, brain, bone and liver. In most cases, a patient who has reached the stage IV mesothelioma is only four months to live.
Thursday, July 10, 2008
Mesothelioma is a disease that affects not only the person the diagnosis of the disease, but his or her ladies. The intention of this article is to write a number of resources for patients and their families living with this disease. The problem with mesothelioma, unlike other forms of cancer may be considerably more difficult. There are few support groups specifically available for mesothelioma. It is very often informal groups of people residing in the same area or who occasionally meet in the doctor or the hospital waiting rooms. There are larger and more organized support groups for cancer patients in general, but not for mesothelioma patients in particular.

Let us see how these support groups are active.

Support Groups

The main task of supporting groups is to help people cope with the challenges they face. It is known that more than 20% of Americans have participated in a form of self-help group. There are essentially two types of support groups available. They are online support groups and support groups centered. Day in a time of the Internet the number of online support groups is gradually increasing. It is possible that a group exists in your community or on-line, which may help to give you the necessary support.

Support groups can provide more benefits:

• A social platform to be associated with others who face similar situations.

• A platform to learn how others are dealing with challenges similar to those you currently face.

• A safe, non-subjective atmosphere where you can share feelings.

• The security that you are not alone, there are also others who are suffering or in the past or is under the same moment.

• A platform where you can reliably exchange information.

• A source of reliable support from others who understand from personal experience, what you go through

In addition, there are various forms of support groups available. This also applies to groups with a strong focus on a specific disease, such as mesothelioma, groups of the family, and family-centered groups.

Some of the characteristics of a successful group is as follows:

• A mix of participants from different age groups.

• Honesty of purpose

• A caring atmosphere

• A feeling of trust should prevail among members

• A good facilitator

• Members must comply with the rules of the group, including the secrecy.

Besides attending support groups, a patient should be encouraged by his family to stay relaxed and try to focus on the positive side of life. A patient should not feel depressed and emotionally drained. Family members or relatives to a healing environment and encourage the patient to think positive. There are numerous inspirational books that tell how people are fighting mesothelioma and other life threatening diseases. Meditation is another way to distract your mind from morbid thoughts and tension.

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